💡Token functions

Drive to Earn - per mile reward

in tokens ($MILE points) for each driver who contributes with data to the network (all they have to do is drive with the app open). $MILE is a stablecoin and will be the reward token for using the app and will be awarded 1:1 for each mile that the user travels. These can be exchanged for $NAVI tokens at the current market price and then used for vehicle upgrades, taking part in games and virtual racing competitions.

Atlas Navi PRO

Navi tokens are used to purchase access to premium features of the apps (regular features are free for all users). Monthly subscriptions for premium features ($4.99 – $29.99 / month, converted in NAVI):

a. Cloud storage space for saved road trip videos

b. Group Trips

c. Live Streaming

d. Predictive Maintenance Alerts

e. Multi stop trips with matrix routing and OCR scanner for addresses

f. Driver Behavior Score

g. Fleet accounts ($19.99 / month / driver): dispatching and tracking drivers.

Note: If paid with fiat currency, we will automatically buy NAVI tokens on the open market for the same amount, on that same day. If our app economy allows, we will burn 25% of these NAVI amounts.

Purchasing NFTs

a. 3D NFT vehicles which will be seen in the app for the user and, optionally, for other users too. Their price will be tied to their rarity: $50-$1000 each starting price.

b. Vehicle upgrades: Vehicles can be upgraded and configured by spending extra $NAVI.

c. Acquiring the Brand Ambassador NFTs for passive revenue from all vehicle sales. They generate revenue the moment a vehicle NFT under that brand is purchased. Pricing will range from $1000 - $50.000 depending on the rarity of the Brand Ambassador NFT and potential for future revenue.

d. NFT marketplace for 3D Vehicles and Brand Ambassadors for trading,buying or selling these NFTs to other users.

e. Independent designers can develop 3D models of concept vehicles which they can sell and be rewarded in NAVI tokens.


Taking part in the decision making and voting process for further Brand collaborations with car manufacturers (community can vote which vehicles to be rolled out next).

DAOs for Auto Clubs

around the world, enabling the voting and subscription payment in NAVI tokens for Auto clubs, making it easier for them to organize, collect funds and organize events together (unlimited members in the group trips - see One Life Rally events for example).

Data purchasing from third parties:

a. Smart City partnerships can use the NAVI token to get access to and purchase relevant historic or fresh anonymized and aggregated data regarding traffic congestion patterns and real time accidents / road conditions.

b. Other data partnerhips.


Users with X NFTs from a particular Auto Brand can participate in Brand Experience days, vehicle launches or exclusive test drives.

Real World Services

users pay with $NAVI in the app and Atlas Navi pays with FIAT to the service provider/partner:

a) Vehicle insurance

b) Routine vehicle maintenance (discussions with Valvoline, Jiffy Lube, Just Tires, Take5, PEP Boys and other national chains).

c) Extended warranty

d) Car washes

e) Gas stations

f) Road tax

g) Tire servicing

h) Dash Cam / Phone mount sales

Liquidity Farming and Staking

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