Business model

1. Premium features ($4.99 - $24.99/mo) - 5% of users: Cloud Video Storage, Group Trips, Live Streaming, Predictive Maintenance, Alerts.

Fleet accounts (2% of users): job allocation & status, tracking, Driver Score.

2. 3D Vehicle NFT sales, rentals, upgrades, repairs; % marketplace fees.

3. Sell anonymized Data to Smart Cities; Advertising for automotive OEMs.

4. Commission on: insurance, road tax, vehicle maintenance, dashcam sales.


1. NFT Sales – we assume that all NFT sales will ultimately be paid out in rewards (a driver who buys an NFT wants to recoup his money and make a profit). We spread these over the next 12 months in the budget although this may vary from one individual to another. No revenue from NFT sales will ultimately show up as profit, that is our assumption.

2. PRO features – the backbone of our revenue streams. We assume 2-5% of users will opt for some form of premium subscription with an average of $9.99 / month (net of App Store fees).

3. Smart Cities – represent an additional, sizeable income, however it’s unlikely to be substantial in the first 3 years until we reach a large mass of drivers and these partnerships are formed (although we do have experience with working with these entitities).

4. NFT Value Sinks – represented by necessary or optional expenses made by drivers to β€žkeep their virtual car in shape” – refueling, maintenance, upgrades. These will delay or diminish the reward value and are counted as revenue for Atlas Navi.

5. NFT rentals or re-sale commissions: due to scarcity, users will rent an NFT to earn rewards from driving with a 25% commission to Atlas Navi. Re-sale commissions can go as high as 10% of the resale value of an NFT with the potential of earning a multiple of the initial price paid for it during its lifetime.

6. Fleet accounts: another important revenue stream for Atlas Navi. The app was built on the foundation of our dispatching and fleet management solution which we have offered as a SaaS for 6 years; having both Navigation and Fleet Dispatching and Job Status / Allocation modules inside the same app will give us a unique advantage for these companies. In addition, their drivers, will push for its adoption if we give them a commission and allow them to get rewards from driving.

7. Commissions on real-world services: 20-35% discount on vehicle maintenance, 5-10% affiliate fee for insurance sold inside the app and other similar commissions.

8. Potential for Advertising.

9. Potential for revenues from vehicle integrations (4+ years).

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