Atlas Navi is the first DRIVE TO EARN navigation app that uses A.I. (computer vision) and the smartphone camera to avoid traffic by detecting road conditions (closures, road work, potholes), accidents, traffic in each lane, available parking spaces, police vehicles and many more, rerouting drivers to avoid problematic roads.

Navigation app with blockchain and vehicle NFTs

Our core project is a mobile application with A.I. features that make driving a lot easier. NFT 3D vehicles are layered on top of this and part of the "my garage" section on the app / site. From a market position, we are the early stage, extremely innovative potential disruptor to most navigation applications. With a small number of early adopters, the growth can become exponential for the actual navigation module and, of course, the 3D NFT vehicle sales.

Problems Atlas Navi is solving:

Established navigation apps are slow to adopt new technologies.

- Limited data: Navigation apps rely mainly on GPS signal.

- Manual reports: Road reports are sent manually by 1-3% of all drivers.

- Automotive OEMs: Hard to connect with brand fans.

Solution: Use phone camera / dashcam to "see, detect & understand" road conditions, reroute drivers to avoid them and give rewards for sharing that data. Detections: potholes, traffic in each lane, police, available parking spaces, road construction, road closures, accidents.

How it works:

1. GPS + Computer vision: A.I. + phone camera analyzes the road in real time. Provides 100X more data / mile, automatically. More data = better, safer routes.

2. Licensed 3D vehicle NFTs: Automotive OEMs license 3D vehicles to Atlas Navi which sells them as NFTs based on rarity & attributes. Revenue is shared from each sale. Drivers see what cars others own in the app.

3. Drive to Earn: Drivers using cameras to "see" the road receive $MILE tokens. They swap $MILE for $NAVI (listed), then cash out or buy PRO features / NFTs.


a) Become a leader in navigation apps leading to in-car software integrations.

b) Become leading seller of vehicle NFTs.

First mover advantage: "Drive to Earn" is a lot more difficult than other X-to-Earn models. Team experience is vast in mobility software and app is developed.

Disrupt navigation industry: App generates a LOT of real-time data => new opportunities especially with Smart Cities, gas station chains, auto service chain.

Become dominant NFT platform: Atlas Navi is the perfect platform for auto OEMs to sell digital cars. Fan loyalty is high with vehicle brands.

Target Market: 2Bn drivers | 70M professional drivers | 700M crypto users

a) Drivers who love cars, NFTs, crypto: 18-50 years old with a passion for cars;

crypto enthusiasts, like to own NFTs; professional drivers who want to earn crypto while driving; drivers unhappy with existing apps.

b) Non-crypto drivers: want to get to their destination faster; Waze users tired of UI/UX; in awe with an "automated Waze" / "A.I" want to be aware of police/radar camera; some are professional drivers;

c) Fleet Managers: app has premium dispatching and matrix routing modules. .

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