Our Features

Dashcam features

· Video Recording of the road ahead, stored in cloud.
· Ability to take quick pictures with one button
· Easy sharing of road videos with friends
· Watch videos with or without detections of objects
· LiveDash – share your trip in real time – allow your friends to see what the camera sees instantly
· AI-View – switch to A.I. view to see exactly what the camera is detecting

Other Atlas Navi features and functionalities

· Avoid traffic by visually analyzing roads & incidents
· 100X more data than Waze with Intelligent traffic routing
· Easily record & share road videos
· Trip history – videos / maps / incidents
· Group trips – see members of group on map + follow the leader + walkie-talkie chat
· Maintenance alerts – insurance / road tax expiration, recalls, preventive maintenance
· Driver Score – improves driving habits